Under construction…

I’m a viola player but step in to other roles when necessary, like prepared piano, tambourine (not my finest hour), amplified aquarium (my finest hour), and (in a more studious way) the viola da gamba

I mostly play contemporary music, particularly brand new music - often stuff which has been written specifically for me by composers I know personally. I also play a little bit of early music on period instruments (which is where the viola da gamba comes in), but not as much as I would like.

As I write this, I’m in Den Haag to perform Solid Study, a new viola piece by my good friend Robert Coleman. A recent highlight was premiering an Anna Murray (another good friend!) graphic score in the Irish Embassy in Estonia in May 2019, and this summer I will be a viola fellow at the Bang on a Can Summer Festival in North Adams, MA.

I’ll try and make this more in-depth at some point, but in the meantime here are a couple of things to prove I’m not making it up: