I’m a composer, viola player and artistic director from Dublin, Ireland. Currently based between Dublin/Paris. I also do contract work as a computer music designer.

My practice was originally rooted in the classical/contemporary classical tradition but now overlaps with performance art, video art and other experimental practices. I’m currently working with stolen material, on several pieces where I work in the cracks between other parts of a concert.

I direct Kirkos, an experimental new music ensemble. And I play viola (mostly improvising).

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[David Graeber] [Adam Curtis] [ending copyright] [private moments in public spaces] [corpus-based concatenative synthesis] [learning to sing tenor] [animated music notation] [real-time conversion of Twitch Chat into notation] [duo collaborations] [complex music performed in web browsers] [immersing a string quartet in water, again, always] [music in the climate crisis] [David Shields’ Reality Hunger] [smellovision] [James Acaster]